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About us?

We are an agency of news, services, photos, videos, texts in English and Spanish, on the main news events in the world, main focus in Latin America and in particular in Argentina, to media, news agencies, companies, public bodies, etc.

At the same time, we produce exclusive content on demand anywhere in the world to whoever requests it, in any format.

LANA is also responsible for managing with its owners the use of copyrighted material produced in Latin America.

You can contract LANA services online with just one click, being the first news agency in Latin America to have this facility.

LANA is a private company independent of any government, party or organization.

If you want to request an exclusive service on demand or request the management to have the copyright of a content produced in Latin America, contact us.

Our mission

In a globalized world, Latin America has to reach the world, that's why we were born as the first news agency in Latin America to provide a service in English to the news agencies and media of the world.

Our natural beauty, our culture, our challenges, problems and strengths, must also be informed by a Latin American source, that is why in English and therefore be a news agency, because we are distributors of information content to other media and companies of communication.

Our international success prompted us to take a new step, to be the first news agency in Latin America with international projection to provide a service in Spanish focused on Argentina for all Spanish-speaking media.

In an increasingly competitive communication market, it is essential for the media to have a news service, photos and videos of international quality, certified source, easy access and low cost, because we believe in a market of the diversified and competitive communication.

Latin American media that steal Internet content violate copyright, something that tends to be increasingly restricted from the same search engines, in a short time using without consent a picture of the Internet with rights will be technically impossible.

But there is another problem, stealing photos and content does nothing but threaten the quality of the information service.

It is not possible to achieve constant interaction in social networks if you do not have a quality agency service, achieve greater visits on your website or compete from your local or regional newspaper with national newspapers.

Without quality content, you will not be able to increase your sales or reach new sponsors.

The good thing is that LANA has set out to provide an accessible international quality agency service and is now within reach of a click!