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The photo service of LANA forms a complete image package with the main current and historical facts of Argentina, Latin America and the world. PURCHASE SERVICE .


Daily news videos from Argentina and Latin America (with a review in Spanish and English) and the rest of the world (with a review in Spanish, only available for the Latin American market) pre-edited, with ambient sound in Full HD and 4k quality, between 2 and 5 minutes of duration, designed and produced so it can be adapted to the needs of your news agency, website or TV channel. PURCHASE SERVICE .


Latin America News Agency has no clients, has partners, we think our service to assist agencies and media, who often have exclusive content needs, so we offer journalistic, photographic and video coverage of the facts that your media is interested. Contact us; LANA is offered as a correspondent of your business in Latin America and the world. Contact us .


Latin America News Agency provides an intermediation service between copyright holders of photographic and audiovisual materials and you, whether of archive material or recent one, for editorial use, television, cinema, books, advertising, etc. LANA manages the license of the contents that your project needs, quickly and in the most economical way. Contact us .


A service designed for local governments, public bodies, institutions, NGO´s, sports clubs, political and religious organizations, which manages for you the development of an informative channel, means of communication or the content you need to strengthen the tools that already have, made by professionals of first level and extensive trajectory in communication, social networks and marketing. Contact us .