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How can I access the LANA service?

To use our content, you must first buy a package. Once you do, you can start using our photos, videos and text in your news agency / media / web, etc. Our packages offer you the flexibility so that you can use the amount of photo, video and text that your media needs. If you want to contract our on demand services contactanos contact us

What does editorial use mean?

It means that you can use the photos or videos to inform about newsworthy events or general interest. Examples of editorial use include the use of content in magazines, newspapers, web, etc.

How can I pay for a package?

We offer payment options with credit / debit card / Paypal and bank transfers. Consult the payment system available in your country.

What happens if I have a problem with the payment?

If you have a problem with the payment, contact us and we will help you solve it

Do they give me an invoice?

Yes, every month the invoice corresponding to the package you have hired arrives by mail.

How do I download the service?

To download do the following: 1. Search the content you need 2. Click on Download

The quality of the content is defective ...

If the file you downloaded is defective or doesn't open well, contact us and we will help you solve it

Where do the contents of LANA come from?

Our material is original, produced by professionals of the LANA agency, or comes from foreign agencies with which we have signed cooperation agreements or free use sources, mainly press offices, which provide us with the material they produce under explicit conformity to be issued by our agency.

What does NOT LANA do?

In the LANA service, you will not find partial comments, excessive interpretations or satires of reality. We are an independent agency of the states, parties and economic power groups, so our only commitment is to the facts. We consider our service as raw material, which will be processed, and therefore interpreted, by our clients.