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Lumina Networks Announces Intent Based Automation Solution

September 23, 2019
Release delivers hardened Open Source to better align transforming Service Provider network operations to business objectives

ANTWERP, Belgium, Sept. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today at Open Networking Summit (ONS) Europe, Lumina Networks, an open source networking company, announces the release of their Intent Based Service Automation 2.0 solution. The solution enables dynamic service automation and end-to-end normalized telemetry for multi-vendor networks. As a key component of network transformation, Lumina’s Intent Based Service Automation delivers dramatic savings of time and effort in network operations and improve customer experiences.

For Service Providers looking to move to a more customer centric service delivery model, Lumina’s Intent Based Service Automation solution, powered by OpenDaylight, works with the most common orchestrators and all vendor’s southbound hardware regardless of interface to provision services based on business intent.

With the jump to version 2.0 of the solution, the company has added functionality instrumental to transforming networks. The company’s Lumina Extension & Adaptation Platform (LEAP), provides Workflow Engine integration, unified inventory, and transaction management to improve operational efficiencies and enable agile resource utilization. With a microservices architecture, the solutions enables true horizontal scaling for growing networks. Application tool sets and end-to-end network telemetry provide extensible closed-loop automation.

“While automating workflows is an important half of the battle, with this solution we enable true end-to-end automation.” Andrew Coward, CEO of Lumina Networks continues, “With the telemetry capabilities we’ve added, Service Providers will be able to automate decisions based on real-time data, aligned to business intent, at scale and without vendor lock-in.”

Software developed in the solution will be based on open source code; either contributed to an existing community or planned for contribution.

About Lumina Networks
Lumina Networks’ open source networking solutions simplify and automate heterogeneous networks. By combining engineering excellence, open source leadership and agile development methodology, Lumina Networks empowers Service Providers to reimagine their future without the risk of vendor lock-in. By unifying network architectures and enabling intent-based network functionality, Lumina Networks provides a more customer-centric approach to building and delivering on-demand, customizable services. Learn more about Lumina Networks at www.luminanetworks.com and @luminanetworks.

Media Contacts:
Stephanie Owyoung, Lumina Networks
Director, Marketing
+1 (669) 231 - 3838
Sowyoung (at) luminanetworks.com

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