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Informa Pharma Intelligence Launches New Product Citeline Engage

October 10, 2019
Citeline Engage will deliver real-world data and customized engagement opportunities to help customers optimize site selection and increase trial efficiencies to accelerate clinical trial timelines

LONDON, Oct. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Informa Pharma Intelligence today announces Citeline Engage, a new solution allowing contact research organizations (CROs) and sponsors to optimize site selection and increase trial efficiencies to accelerate clinical trial timelines and enable a faster path to market for drugs. Citeline Engage is a first-to-market solution designed specifically to help optimize protocol development, site feasibility, and, most importantly, increase physician engagement and drive patient awareness to support faster enrollment into clinical trials.

Clinical trials have long been a pain point for industry players, and Citeline Engage is designed to help increase efficiency across a notoriously difficult, yet imperative area, of the pharma industry. Informa Pharma Intelligence’s Citeline Engage utilizes real-world data to offer the most efficient outreach services that allow customers to better recruit investigators and patients, optimize trial protocols, and ignite awareness around trials.

By combining trial and investigator intelligence available through Citeline with a verified audience of healthcare professionals through Skipta, Citeline Engage helps CROs and sponsors expedite patient enrollment, drive efficiency and mitigate the risk of trial failure:

  • Investigator Recruitment: Citeline Engage allows clients to accelerate site pre-qualification and recruitment timelines, even when facing saturated markets and rare disease areas.

  • Protocol and Study Design Optimization: Clients can gather direct feedback from physicians, clinical investigators and key opinion leaders to mitigate protocol challenges related to study design or patient recruitment.

  • Trial Awareness: Studies have shown that only a small fraction of patients and healthcare providers are aware that participation in a clinical trial was an option at the time of diagnosis. Citeline Engage ignites awareness of upcoming and ongoing trials through targeted outreach to physicians, clinical investigators and other health care professionals who have access to validated, difficult-to-reach patient populations.  

“We have the real-world data to create powerful connections and optimize protocol development, site feasibility, and most importantly physician engagement and patient awareness,” said Nicola Marlin, Vice President of Product Development at Informa Pharma Intelligence. “Citeline Engage empowers organizations to create and run the most efficient clinical trials possible through targeting and recruiting top tier investigators and select sites using unique online communities of verified healthcare professionals.”

About Informa Pharma Intelligence
Informa Pharma Intelligence powers a full suite of analysis products — Datamonitor Healthcare, Sitetrove, Trialtrove, Pharmaprojects, Medtrack, Biomedtracker, Scrip, Pink Sheet and In Vivo — to deliver the data needed by the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry to make decisions and create real-world opportunities for growth.

Skipta, part of Informa’s Pharma Intelligence vertical, is the leading social network of specialized online medical communities for verified healthcare professionals (HCPs).  Skipta’s growing network of more than 25 specialty communities allow verified HCPs to communicate and collaborate with peers in a focused, secure environment.  The company enables pharmaceutical and biotech brands to drive awareness and behavior change by bringing to them multi-channel access to 700,000+ verified HCPs through integrated engagement programs.

With more than 500 analysts keeping their fingers on the pulse of the industry, no key disease, clinical trial, drug approval or R&D project isn’t covered through the breadth and depth of data available to customers. For more information visit pharmaintelligence.informa.com.

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