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Vista Global Introduces the Bombardier Global 7500 Aircraft, the World’s Largest and Longest Range Business Jet

October 21, 2019
VistaJet will be the first global private aviation company to commercially fly passengers faster, further, and in ultimate comfort on the only fleet of the revolutionary aircraft

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

    • A fleet of up to six Global 7500 aircraft
    • The most revolutionary new aircraft in the past 10 years, and 10 years in the making
    • VistaJet is the first and only company to offer customers access to a fleet of Global 7500s
    • First jet arriving January 2020, with up to an additional five within the year
    • Up to 7,700 nautical miles
    • Four-section cabin, including permanent private stateroom suite
    • Vista Global celebrates one year and keeps driving radical change across the industry

“Vista Global is the first and only group to offer passengers access to the ultimate business flying machine, the Bombardier Global 7500. The 7500 is a truly unrivalled jet when it comes to speed, space and innovation, and being able to offer it to our Members ensures that we continue to the lead the way in transforming the aviation industry. Since I founded my first aviation company, VistaJet, over 15 years ago, I have been seeking the highest standard to offer our customers a supreme flying experience, whilst being most cost efficient. We have led the change in the industry in providing our clients with the best fleet of aircraft and service, and today, we are doing it again. We are designing the future of the aviation landscape. This exciting announcement comes just a month after Vista Global’s industry changing commitment to implement the highest speed KU-band internet on board its fleet.”
Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman

What is Vista Global announcing?
Vista Global, the world’s first private aviation ecosystem, today announces an investment for up to six Global 7500 aircraft to enter its VistaJet fleet from January 2020, becoming the first company to commercially offer access to the largest and longest-range business jet available in the market.

What makes the Global 7500 important?
The Global 7500 will provide Vista Global’s customers with an unrivalled business aviation machine. It has set the record for the longest mission ever flown in a non-stop flight of 8,225 nm, setting the long-range speed record between Sydney and Detroit, Michigan.

The aircraft also set the speed record between New York and Los Angeles, hitting Mach 0.925 and sustaining that speed for more than two hours, completing the coast-to-coast flight in 3 hours and 54 minutes.

The capability of the aircraft will mean that passengers can fly from the likes of Los Angeles to Hong Kong in one trip, arriving 21% faster than the next fastest jet. The Global 7500 will ensure that its passengers’ day can continue seamlessly.

What does it mean for fliers?
While traveling, passengers will enjoy the very best comfort and space ever provided.

The Global 7500 is the only business jet with four living spaces, including a permanent private stateroom suite at the back of the aircraft.

The living area includes a six-seat table and introduces the first new seat architecture in business aviation for 30 years, with a patented comfort and deep recline.

With the largest galley in business aviation, food will be freshly prepared in the air, offering the freedom of cooking Michelin-inspired menus the way they were intended to be. Wings precision engineered for maximum flexibility deliver unprecedented stability for an exceptionally smooth flight.

How does this fit Vista Global’s mission?
Today’s announcement highlights Vista Global’s ambition to always offer the latest and most innovative technology and aircraft to market. Within just 12 months, the company has been successfully driving radical change across the private aviation industry. Since its launch, Vista Global has already made two major acquisitions, XOJET and JetSmarter, launching XO, the world’s first global private aviation marketplace, and announced a partnership to launch the fastest in-flight connectivity in the world.

When will the Global 7500 be available?
VistaJet Members will have the opportunity to request the Global 7500 immediately for flight services commencing in January 2020. Throughout the year, the company will be building its portfolio of 7500s and will operate a fleet of up to six by the end of 2020. Vista Global also has the option to take on additional aircraft in 2021 and the following years at a similar pace, to link with customer demand.

A year of Vista Global Announcements

12 Sep 2019
Vista Global brings fastest in-flight connectivity to private aviation

27 Jun 2019
Vista Global presents XO, the global private aviation marketplace

10 Apr 2019
Vista Global to acquire JetSmarter – Executing on its digitization strategy of the global On Demand private aviation marketplace

20 Sep 2018
Vista Global acquires XOJET, the leading On Demand business aviation company in North America with 43 aircraft, strengthening its global presence with 115 owned business jets

11 Sep 2018
Thomas Flohr launches Vista Global to consolidate fragmented business aviation market, supported by a further $200M investment

About Vista Global

Vista Global Holding is the world’s first private aviation ecosystem. A global group headquartered at the DIFC in Dubai, Vista Global integrates a unique portfolio of companies offering asset-light services to cover all key aspects of business aviation: guaranteed and On Demand global flight coverage; aircraft leasing and finance; and cutting-edge aviation and marketplace technology. The group’s mission is to lead the change to provide customers with the most advanced flying services and the very best value, anytime, anywhere around the world. Vista Global’s knowledge and understanding of all facets of the industry deliver the best end-to-end offering and technology to any business aviation customer, through its VistaJet and XO branded services.
More Vista Global information and news at vistaglobal.com.

Contact: press@vistaglobal.com                

Vista Global Holding Limited is the parent company of the VistaJet group of companies, including VistaJet Limited, a European air carrier that operates 9H registered aircraft under its Maltese Air Operator Certificate No. MT-17.  VistaJet Limited and its VistaJet group affiliates are not U.S. direct air carriers.

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