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The Mexican Red Cross Awards the "Humanitarian Distinction" Medal to Ricardo Salinas

October 23, 2019
Recognition for his solidarity, effort and commitment with Mexican society, particularly with the most vulnerable

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grupo Salinas, a group of dynamic, fast-growing and technologically advanced companies, deeply committed to the modernization of the countries where they operate, announced today that the Mexican Red Cross awarded the “Humanitarian Distinction” medal to Ricardo Salinas, in recognition of his solidarity, effort and commitment to Mexican society, particularly to the most vulnerable.

The Mexican Red Cross considers that Mr. Salinas has positively impacted the lives of thousands of Mexicans. For this reason, the 32 members of his National Council decided, unanimously, to hand over the distinction to him.

The organization stated that, over 13 years, Fundación Azteca of Grupo Salinas, has contributed to the delivery of 1,519 ambulances, an amount that represents more than 50% of the vehicle fleet of the Red Cross, and this has resulted in around one million 400 thousand ambulance services offered every year.

The Council has added that Fundación Azteca is a benchmark of support for social causes that have benefited thousands of families throughout Mexico, and that their work seeks to strengthen Mexican society; always emphasizing their values, particularly honesty and trust. 

Ricardo Salinas considers that companies have transformed into institutions that must concentrate in generating inclusive prosperity, through the creation of economic, social and environmental value.

Grupo Salinas companies generate economic value — by innovating markets and offering products and services that help increase the quality of life— social value — by creating and enhancing society's capabilities to improve their conditions— and environmental value, by mitigating the impacts of its value chain on the environment.

Since 1906, Grupo Salinas promotes progress in the communities in which it operates and has the firm intention of further encouraging inclusive prosperity, in order to contribute to the well-being of millions of families.

About Grupo Salinas

Grupo Salinas (www.gruposalinas.com) is a group of dynamic, fast growing, and technologically advanced companies focused on creating economic value through market innovation and goods and services that improve standards of living; social value, to create social capabilities to improve communities; and environmental value, by reducing the negative impact of business activities. Created by Mexican entrepreneur Ricardo B. Salinas (www.ricardosalinas.com), Grupo Salinas operates as a management development and decision forum for the top leaders of member companies. These companies include: TV Azteca (www.TVazteca.com; www.irtvazteca.com), Grupo Elektra (www.grupoelektra.com.mx), Banco Azteca (www.bancoazteca.com.mx), Advance America (www.advanceamerica.net), Afore Azteca (www.aforeazteca.com.mx), Seguros Azteca (www.segurosazteca.com.mx), Punto Casa de Bolsa (www.puntocasadebolsa.mx), Totalplay (www.totalplay.com.mx) and Totalplay Empresarial (totalplayempresarial.com.mx). TV Azteca and Grupo Elektra trade on the Mexican Stock Exchange and are part of its Sustainability Index. Each of the Grupo Salinas companies operates independently, with its own management, board of directors and shareholders. Grupo Salinas has no equity holdings. The group of companies share a common vision, values and strategies for achieving rapid growth, superior results and world-class performance.

Press Relations:

Luciano Pascoe, +52 (55) 1720 1313 ext. 36553, lpascoe@gruposalinas.com.mx 

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