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With Apple Card launch, banks look to Fintechs to catch up on digital experiences

August 08, 2019
Apple Card redefines the card user experience around simplicity, transparency and privacy. Ondot Systems unlocks these capabilities for banks and credit unions of all sizes.

Santa Clara, CA (USA), Aug. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apple, the established leader in simplifying user experiences, has put a stake in the ground for what a card experience should look like with the launch of the Apple Card. By heavily integrating the Apple Card experience into the Apple Pay app, they are able to make using and managing a card faster, easier and more transparent.

But another Silicon Valley player, just 8 miles up the road from Apple, is making Apple Card style user experiences available to banks and credit unions of all sizes. Ondot Systems, with over 4,000 financial institutions using its mobile card controls and alerts, has announced a suite of products to offer simplicity, transparency and control to all cardholders, whether they’re on iPhone or Android, Debit or Credit, Visa or Mastercard. With quick-to-market cloud implementation and white label apps, leveraging Ondot’s existing real-time payment rails, financial institutions can be up and running in a matter of weeks.

Key digital features of the Apple Card launch include simple signup, spending insights, easy self service, and the ability to use a card instantly in Apple Pay, all features offered by Ondot. But one feature that stands out is cleaned up merchant data so people can recognize their purchases and see them on a map. “It’s no surprise that Apple focused on that feature so heavily during the Apple Card launch event,” according to Vaduvur Bharghavan, Ondot’s CEO. “In our research, that feature is wildly popular with cardholders. For banks, it’s really an opportunity to take a moment of frustration for customers and turn it into a moment of confidence. Even better, banks can save money because customers can contact the merchant directly rather than calling customer service and filing a dispute.”

Digital transformation has been the buzzword in banking for years now, but progress is becoming more visible now. With big banks investing hundreds of millions of dollars into digital experiences, Fintechs eating away at deposits, and technology players like Apple entering the market, more pressure is on regional and community banks to show they can compete on these digital experiences.

“It’s no surprise that the epicenter of digital experience is now focused around payments,” says Bharghavan. “As the most common banking touchpoint for customers, credit and debit cards provide financial institutions the opportunity to differentiate themselves with a positive impression in everyday interactions, as well as critical moments of service, such as replacing a stolen card. This is about making it easy for your customers to do business with you, and making them feel confident they are in control of their finances.”

About Ondot

Ondot Systems is the global leader in powering mobile payment services, serving over 4,000 financial institutions across four continents. The company’s real-time platform gives financial institutions a competitive edge by increasing engagement and empowering their customers to personalize, manage and control how payments are made in today’s world of always-on digital commerce. To learn how Ondot is shaping the future of payments, visit www.ondotsystems.com. Ondot is not affiliated with Apple.


Chris Harris Ondot Systems +1 510-413-8106 media@ondotsystems.com 


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