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Maru/Blue Announces Launch of Global Sample Quality Certification Program

February 04, 2020

TORONTO, Feb. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maru/Blue, a premium quality data services firm, today announces a first of its kind market research quality initiative with the launch of its global sample quality certification program, Maru/Blue Sample Certified.

“In an effort to provide reliable, consistent, quality sample to our clients in markets with no Maru/Blue-owned panels, we have built a global quality certification program. Sample Certified tests and certifies sample vendors in countries where there is high demand for multi-market insights,” said Managing Director of Maru/Blue, Rob Berger. “Sample vendors who pass our certification program will become preferred suppliers. We have tested 14 high demand international markets.

Countries Tested
JapanMexicoRussiaSingaporeSouth AfricaSpainThailand

Maru/Blue is all about premium quality sample, and we need to ensure the markets where we do not own panels adhere to the same high-quality standards we implement on our own panels,” added Berger. “We create value for our clients by connecting them with respondents that deliver reliable, reproducible and validated insights, so it is important that we have our sample vendors adhere to these same requirements,” he added.

Andrew Grenville, Chief Research Officer, designed the proven proprietary methodology to measure validity by comparing survey results to what has been measured in censuses, household studies conducted by statistical agencies and other reliable data sources.  We also measure test-retest reliability. This rigorous testing ensures quality that is Sample Certified.

No exchange, river or social media sources will be allowed to be included in the certification program.

“Our clients need access to respondents that deliver reliable, reproducible insights,” said Maru Group CEO, Ged Parton. “By ensuring our sample vendors adhere to the same quality standards we implement, we improve the results our clients deserve,” he added.

About Maru/Blue

Maru/Blue is a premium quality data services firm that provides reliable global data connections for brands, agencies, healthcare and market research. We create value for our clients by connecting them with expertly profiled known respondents. We deliver instant access to the general population, specific markets, and your customers or your competitor’s customers.

We own market research panels, Maru Voice Canada and Maru Springboard America (launched in 2006 and 2009, Canada’s and the United State’s leading online market research panels). More recently we developed Maru Voice UK, which is a global expansion of the Maru Voice family of online market research panels. We also offer access to Canadian, American and UK business executives and owners, an excellent source for business to business research.

Contact: media@marublue.com

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