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LeddarTech Partners with COAST Autonomous at AV20 Silicon Valley from February 26-28, 2020 to Present and Demonstrate the Role of LiDAR in ADAS and Autonomous Driving Applications

February 18, 2020

QUEBEC CITY, Feb. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LeddarTech®, an industry leader in LiDAR technology who provides the most versatile and scalable auto and mobility LiDAR platform in the market, is set to return to California to showcase it’s multi-award winning LiDAR technology at Autonomous Vehicles Conference 2020 from February 26-28th, booth #5, at the Pullman San Francisco Bay. 

AV20 provides the opportunity for mobility leaders from across the globe to connect, inspire, educate and collaborate on innovative developments and future trends in autonomous driving and mobility.  This year we are pleased to announce that Frantz Saintellemy, President & COO of LeddarTech will join the stage with Pierre Lefevre, CTO of COAST Autonomous for their presentation, “Paving the Road From ADAS to Autonomy”  which explores the ways in which solid-state 3D LiDAR solutions like the Leddar™ Pixell are the “Road Ahead” for autonomous driving.  This presentation will take place on February 27th at 11.30 AM.  LeddarTech will also be showcasing its award-winning LiDAR technology on the show floor at booth #5 from February 26-28th.

Click HERE to request a demo and to meet our team at AV20 at booth #5

“Partnerships in the mobility space such as the one between LeddarTech and COAST Autonomous highlight the importance of collaboration in the industry and AV20 exemplifies this ethos as it challenges the status quo in the automotive sector and broadens the ecosystem in which we operate”, stated Frantz Saintellemy of LeddarTech.  “We are excited to be a part of AV20 as speaker and exhibitor as it allows us to share our knowledge and insights, to collaborate and to exchange ideas and concepts that will shape the future of this industry”.

“At COAST Autonomous, we understand the importance of having a comprehensive and complete field of view around our shuttles, and by integrating the Leddar Pixell 3D solid-state LiDAR solution onto our shuttles, we provide a solution that puts pedestrians first and gives cities back to the people”, said COAST Autonomous CTO, Pierre Lefevre.  “We are again excited to share the stage with LeddarTech and to participate at AV20”.

AV20 Silicon Valley 2020 will gather together 300+ mobility experts; from Chief Product Officers, Chief Engineers, CEOs, to Heads of Safety for Autonomous Platforms, ADAS, and Autonomous Technology. 

About COAST Autonomous

COAST Autonomous is a software and technology company focused on delivering AV solutions at appropriate speeds for urban and campus environments. COAST’s mission is to build community by connecting people with mobility solutions that put pedestrians first and give cities back to people. At the center of one of the fastest and most profound disruptions to impact the transportation and logistics industries, COAST has developed the full stack of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) software that includes mapping and localization, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), fleet management and supervision systems. Partnering with proven manufacturers, COAST can provide a variety of vehicles equipped with its best-in-class software to offer Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions to cities, theme parks, campuses, airports, and other urban environments. Based in Pasadena, California, COAST’s team is recognized for its experience and expertise in all aspects of implementing and operating AV fleets while prioritizing safety and the user experience. To learn how COAST Autonomous can help you power autonomous transportation in your environment, please visit www.coastautonomous.com.

Contact: Aimie Nghiem, Director of Program Development, COAST Autonomous

Tel: +1-626-838-2469 ANghiem@coastautonomous.com

About LeddarTech
LeddarTech is an industry leader providing the most versatile and scalable auto and mobility LiDAR platform based on the unique LeddarEngine™ which consists of a suite of automotive-grade, functional safety certified SoCs working in tandem with proprietary LeddarSP™ signal processing software. The company is responsible for several innovations in cutting-edge mobility remote-sensing applications, with over 70 patented technologies (granted or pending) enhancing ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities.

LeddarTech also serves the mobility market with solid-state high-performance LiDAR module solutions for autonomous shuttles, trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, and robotaxis. These modules are developed to support the mobility market but also to demonstrate the capabilities of LeddarTech’s auto and mobility platform as a basis for other LiDAR suppliers to build upon.

Additional information about LeddarTech is accessible at www.LeddarTech.com, and on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

Contact: Daniel Aitken, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, LeddarTech
Tel.: +1-418-653-9000 ext. 232 Daniel.Aitken@Leddartech.com

Leddar, LeddarTech, LeddarEngine, LeddarSP, LeddarCore, and LeddarTech logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of LeddarTech Inc. All other brands, product names, and marks are or may be trademarks or registered trademarks used to identify products or services of their respective owners.

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