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Decision Lens introduces Decision Lens Accelerate: Planning, Perfected.

March 06, 2020

ARLINGTON, Va., March 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Decision Lens, Inc. today announced the introduction of their newest product called Decision Lens Accelerate.  Similar to a navigation application for planners, the software enables planners to guide organizational planning effectively and efficiently in a continuous manner, while aligning to key strategic objectives, providing visibility across spend portfolios, and optimizing the planned deployment of resources for the greatest throughput of projects and gains in performance.

By leveraging the power of Decision Lens’ unique algorithmic approach to planning, portfolio and budget planners who oversee financial plans, IT plans, and capital assets and facilities plans are able to anticipate the inevitable disruptors that often derail planning cycles, giving them the on-going ability to anticipate and adjust while ensuring consistent achievement of organizational objectives.  Billions of calculations are used through a combination of recommendation engines, including a Strategy Navigator and Bottleneck Analysis, to provide “what-if” plans, enabling the convergence to the best plans for confidently expending precious organizational resources in human capital and funding.

The new Data Studio serves as a repository for planning data with permission-based access, an audit log, the ability to integrate to portfolio management systems to enable, for the first time, continuous planning as time moves forward.

“After working with hundreds of customers across Federal, Commercial, and State organizations, and focusing on their deepest issues around planning, we realized that planning had radically changed from an annual activity, to semi-annual, to quarterly, and now it is really continuous in nature, yet most planners are unable to keep up due to the status quo of manually-based planning processes.  Decision Lens Accelerate has been specifically designed to break that logjam,” said Decision Lens CEO John Saaty.

The new product has already realized impressive performance gains for organizations including an 80% increase in projects delivered under the same set of resources, and decreases in the required planning personnel by up to 70%.

About Decision Lens

Decision Lens is portfolio planning software that enables organizations to create dynamic and scalable plans where course corrections are informed by a regular convergence of strategy, data, and performance.  Our software's algorithms enable forward progress towards the execution of strategy through automated recommendations, smarter resource allocation, enterprise visibility, and better results.

For more information, contact Decision Lens at 703-399-2100 or www.decisionlens.com.

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