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Expereo adds a complete Mobile Broadband service for businesses

April 16, 2020

AMSTERDAM, April 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global provider of managed Internet and Cloud network solutions, Expereo, has announced today the launch of its all in one Mobile Broadband Service for enterprises available in 150 countries. It is a robust service developed with features matching customers’ requirements for redundancy and versatility.

Expereo’s new Mobile Broadband solution is designed to ensure businesses are always connected and operational everywhere. Either as primary or a failover link, it's suited for multiple use cases and fully covered by Expereo’s market-leading 24/7 monitoring and support service.

“Mobile connectivity is one of the most requested services from our customers, and we are thrilled we can support them with a complete solution that will enhance their connectivity choices and overall experience,” says Sander Barens, Expereo’s CCO.

The new service offers a portable network connection that can be easily deployed (4G-enabled router, including SIM card-s). This ensures that backup facilities or temporary offices can instantly connect to the internet and corporate network for when operations are disrupted as a result of disasters or contingency planning.

“Disasters, such as extreme weather conditions or pandemics like the one we’re experiencing, trigger IT managers to implement Business Continuity plans where employees work from home or secondary sites. Expereo’s Mobile Broadband Service is the best solution to address such requirements due to its portability, easy deployment and security”, explains Kristaps Petrovskis, Expereo’s CTO.

From backup solution and additional bandwidth to POS, vehicle networking, IoT connectivity, emergency services and other use cases, Expereo offers a complete Mobile Broadband Service. Furthermore, it can improve redundancy on SD-WAN and optimize application performance by adding more choice to the underlay. This secures that current MPLS and Internet components within the SD-WAN are further diversified.

“The way businesses operate is evidently changing quickly, and sometimes connectivity can be challenging or not affordable. Expereo’s Mobile Broadband Service enables this transformation while keeping cost and performance under control. It’s the logical and natural extension to our capabilities, and we are excited for this”, adds Petrovskis.

About Expereo
Expereo is a provider of managed network solutions, including global internet connectivity, SD-WAN, and cloud acceleration services. Expereo is the trusted partner of 30% of Fortune 500 companies and powers enterprise and government sites worldwide, helping to enhance every business’ productivity with optimal Internet performance.


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