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URGENT ATTENTION: PTSD Causes Officers to Take Their Own Lives at an Alarming Rate During the Holiday Season & Beyond

December 30, 2019

NEW YORK, Dec. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EndPTSD ‘s TTMPT.Org, A Registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit, is Launching their #GivingHolidays Fundraiser and Heightened Awareness Campaign for Police Officers Across The US Suffering From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Holidays present a unique set of problems for cops who suffer from PTSD. While most people feel Joyful around the Holiday Season, Those With PTSD May Suffer From A Lack Of Joy. This Puts Additional Stress On Their Lives When Dealing With Work and Their Home-life. The Result Can Be Devastating and Possibly Lead To Overreactions at Work & Home, Along With Alcohol & Drug Abuse and Self-Harm.

  • Police on duty experience different degrees of trauma that lead to PTSD.

  • This year alone, 212 officers in the US have committed suicide.

  • There are approximately 1 million police officers throughout the US and close to 240,000 of them have PTSD.

  • Roughly 330,000 have partial symptoms that do eventually lead to PTSD if not properly addressed.

PTSD is the result of one extreme traumatic situation or exposure to many stressful incidents over time. These pressures in some officers often lead to physical and mental health problems such as overwhelming anxiety, depression, phobias, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disorders, and destructive behavior such as domestic violence, alcoholism, eating disorders, prescription drug abuse, unintentional overreactions on the job with peers and the public, and, tragically, taking their own lives.

With End PTSD’s TTMPT (Talk To Me Post Tour) peer facilitator program, officers can anonymously communicate with trained, active and retired law enforcement volunteers to get the help they need to process, share, talk through what they’ve experienced and de-stress without fear of losing their status at work or job. If need be, those who are in crisis could be referred to professional therapists for further treatment.

We are asking for those who benefit from the hard work and protection that our police provide to please donate to the End PTSD’s TTMPT.org program so our police officers across the US get the help they need — to remain healthy while protecting our great nation during this holiday season and beyond.


About End PTSD’s TTMPT.org

Developed “By Police, For Police, With Police,” End PTSD's Post Tour Processing is an independent not-for-profit group of committed and concerned retired police officers and police professionals, formed to address a gap in the services available for law enforcement. It was the Executive Board of TTMPT who identified and developed the anonymous preventive program to make available a viable solution for police officers who would not otherwise have a place to support each other during a time of overwhelming stress.

  • TTMPT Board Of Directors:

Robyn Cannariato

Chris Hetherington

Dennis J. McCreight

Philip Schoppmann

Timothy Whitcomb

Charles L’Hommedieu Jr.

James H. Banish

Jerry Leary

David Grand

For more info please go to: TTMPT.org

For more info please go to: https://ttmpt.com
To Donate go to: https://ttmpt.org
Facebook Donations: https://www.facebook.com/donate/830535457386599/


Robyn Cannariato

(516) 480-3579


John Shields Detective Agency

310 Fifth Avenue / 6th Fl.

New York New York


Attn: TTMPT.org

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